"I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)"
Jim Hawkins — PLAYED 883 TIMES


Jim Hawkins - "I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme)" Treasure Planet Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2002)


Because I love to change my Commission Information sheet, I try to change them ever so often =D.

Headshot -13€

Halfbody - 21€

I accept PayPal only
Please pay before I start, or pay half before and half after.

I can work from a sketch or description (But please provide visual reference eg. images from google)

Furries (tails, ears and horns are okay but no full body fur)

Bigger version of these picture can be found on my deviantart page or just follow the link down below.






To celebrate women in games, list your top 10 favorite ladies in video games and tag 5 people to do the thing too. Let’s spread the love of gaming women.

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  1. "Jane" Shepard - Mass Effect Series
  2. Jaina Proudmoore - World of Warcraft
  3. Milla Maxwell - Tales of Xillia Series
  4. Morrigan - Dragon Age Series
  5. Fran - Final Fantasy 12
  6. Lightning - Final Fantasy 13
  7. Nilin - Remember Me
  8. Kaine - Nier
  9. Mitsuru Kirijo - Persona 3
  10. "Marian" Hawke - Dragon Age 2

Phew, I know that I forgot someone important xD” But nevertheless, I taaaag kurgy, delazeur, warriormaggie, randompandemic aaaand ladytrevelyan ~

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Sorry if i did something stupid (obviously) i didnt mean to be ignorant or try to still it I was looking for the sources and i didnt find one until i post it .

Of course you find tons of pictures via google, but you can also find the source of it really quick and with a really high match-rate via google. I did it and the first link for matching pictures (sorry for the German haha) was already the source. So try it out the next time ;) artists will appreciate it, if you reblog from the original source!


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I just wanna hear all the romanced companions battle cries when the inquisitor falls in battle (◡‿◡✿)

Sera, practically shrieking, begging the inquisitor to get up, to keep fighting because she promised she would always be there

Cassandra, voice shaking as she shouts at the inquisitor to get his ass up already, that giving up now is pointless, that she needs him by her side in this fight no matter what

Solas, losing his composure and in a broken voice saying ”no no no you must keep your eyes open, stay awake, please you mustn’t fall asleep!”

Blackwall, not saying anything, looking at his fallen lover for but a moment while the bile rises in this throat and tears form in his eyes, before turning his blade back toward the enemy and fighting on, as a grey warden should do

Iron Bull, an almost animalistic roar ripping from his throat as he charges the enemies surrounding the inquisitor, his inquisitor, trying so hard to ignore the emptiness in his chest and shaking of his hands

Dorian, voice cracking as utter denial sets in, screaming and begging the inquisitor not to go, not to leave him behind because he’s lost everything and he cant lose him

Cullen, drops whatever he is doing upon hearing that the inquisitor has been brought back severely wounded; everything be damned he rushes to her side, throat tight and trying his best to keep himself composed.

Josephine, whom cannot stifle her tears as she watches her lover lay wounded in bed, only able to pray and hope that will wake up

especially considering how ridiculously easy it is to use google to FIND the source… I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw the post.

Yup - it is! But this happens on a regular basis on tumblr and it’s so unnecessary! ~_~ The League of Legends tag is full with those posts, a lot of pictures from pixiv and foreign arists get posted like that - argh!

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"So i found this on google..i don’t know where it comes from or its owner it […] dammit i hate unknown sources."

Why would you even consider to post the picture, if you don’t have a source ~_~ Sometimes I don’t understand the chain of thought of some ppl.

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