Beast (BioShock Infinite Extended Version)
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Nico Vega - Beast (BioShock Infinite Extended Version)

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Part one of nonny’s request. A Faun with number 14~

Part one of nonny’s request. A Faun with number 14~

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I just gave some writing advice on writing sex scenes and it’s mildly amusing that I am the one that gave that advice because I basically hover over all of mine and fuss and fret. And then I sit on my hands after I post them in the great fear that somebody will send me a message saying that they were silly…not sexy. 

However, the advice gave me an idea on adding on to that one-shot I did for feylen…which leads me to wonder just how sexy I can write before my tumblr page melts…

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More Dragon Age: Origins characters for feylen2/?

The Love Interests of Dragon Age: Origins

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warriormaggie hat gesagt: This is where google is your best friend. And youtube. No joke. Google it and I bet there are videos. Or…send me a message and I’ll ask Mr. Warrior (hehe) to give you some pointers

You both helped me soooo much with the Compuuuter ♥ T^T a thousand thank youuuuus~

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I should open my own PC repair service. We nearly fell from our chair because my better half asked a local repair service how much a system check and a new mainboard would cost. Check €50, installing new mainboard WITHOUT the price added €70 (+mainboard €~50) …. urghs. I think I never installed a mainboard before O_O and I’m kinda afraid to do it.

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a few thoughts:

  • i’d like some Cullen quotes and his official title and/or full name from DAI so we can use those in graphics/edits instead of the snippets from the character profile/old DA2 stuff
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